New library furnishings are coming

Construction is going well at the new library. We nearing the tail end of the construction process. Soon our furnishings will be arriving. This is a very exciting part of the process for me as I will get to see what all the work and planning actually looks like.

Two spaces I am really excited about are the Teen area and the kids’ area. In the current library both of these age groups share one space. With the generosity from the SCKLS Libraries Transform grant these spaces will be really special. The children’s section will have comfy seating and reading nooks for all the little readers as well as a large bench under the window which will double as a book bin. I am looking forward to having Lego club other builder activities in the added space in this section.

In the teen room collaboration is key with work surfaces for groups and technology to give teens a safe place to experiment, play, and be themselves. As the cost of shelving increased comfy and lounge seating will be a part of phase 2, in 2023. There will be lots of space in the adjoining community room and outside on the pergola, were kids, teens, and adults will be able to work together and use library technology or their own to work online.

Expanded WIFI access and the furnishings on the pergola are being made possible through a American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant in collaboration with Mtelco, giving the Moundridge community greater access to WIFI and high speed internet.


Childrens section Teen section Outside pergola