Donate to Moundridge Public Library

We have two funds with the McPherson Community Foundation, and Endowment and Building Fund.

To donate to the library through either of those funds, donate at the McPherson County Community Foundation or click on the links below.

Moundridge Public Library Building Fund

Moundridge Public Library Endowment

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Volunteer at MPL

We need volunteers who would love to:

  • Shelve books
  • Plan and lead Summer Reading Program groups
  • Assist at fundraisers and community events
  • Care for our lawn and landscaping
  • Do small-scale facility repair and maintenance tasks
  • Serve on the Library Board

Do you have other volunteer skills you think would help us? Let us know!


Other Ways to Help

We can use your…

  • Monetary donation to offer more free events, programs and activities to the community.
  • Donated craft supplies for Story Hour and Summer Reading Program.
  • Writing and organizational skills to apply for grants for the library.
  • Special talents and skill sets to teach something new to interested community members.

We value what you can share with us!

craft supplies

Donate Your Books

We appreciate book donations, but can only take certain items due to space limitations.  Please bring:

  • 10 or fewer items at a time
  • Books with a publication date no older than 5 years past
  • Items in good, working condition

By donating your books, DVDs, audiobooks, puzzles, etc. to the library, you are agreeing to allow us to add them to our circulating collection, sell to benefit the library, or dispose of in any way we see fit, including donation or recycling.

book donation