Library Expansion

A New Moundridge Library


We would like to provide a library space that will be a community magnet; engaging, enticing and enriching.


The core mission of our library has always focused on life long learning.

The library has been a vibrant part of the Moundridge community since 1967. Whether it's learning to read or learning how to use the latest technological devices; we are here to get you ready for kindergarten, college, or your next job.  If you want to start a business or learn new skills for a new hobby, the library has materials, programs and people to help you accomplish your educational goals throughout your entire lifetime.

21st Century Library

A 21st Century library is about not only helping you to find and navigate the information world, but learning collaboratively and helping you to create your own content.

We want to provide the Moundridge community with a library that provides for their needs, wants, and looks ahead to a shared future. What will define this library are these three things: what the community wants, what the community needs, and a shared vision of our future.

Did you Know? In a single year...

  • 20,000+ patrons visit the library
  • Over 27,000 items circulate
  • Over 10,000 ebooks checkout
  • 1500 patrons attend our children's programming
  • Hundreds of Books, DVDs, Music CDs, eBooks and other materials are added to our collection
  • Every service is free

What would you like to see in a new library? Let us know by filling out a survey (Available in 2021).