Syria’s Secret Library

Syria’s Secret Library

Syria’s Secret Library
by Mike Thomson

This is the remarkable story of creative, united effort to create a haven of peace amidst the destruction, hate, brutality, and complete lack of compassion in the on-going war in Syria. A group of dedicated young people who didn’t want to lose every-thing in the horror of war, decided to create a secret library as a place to find hope and an escape from their world being destroyed. They shared a deep passion for books and the chance to learn and grow in knowledge. Their education had been interrupted by ruthless war, and they wanted to continue learning in order to continue their educational goals.

Taking great risks, they found books in the ruins of war, and found remnants of furniture from homes that had been bombed and left in rubble. They created a room in a basement where there were walls of books, places to sit and read, lectures were given on numerous topics, book clubs were organized, and they could escape the horror of what was happening above ground while inside was creation and hope to cling to.

In the words of one of this amazing group of dedicated young people, they “shared a glimmer of hope in a very dark world. It was our spiritual sanctuary.”

Wonderful read!

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