The Diaries of Reuben Smith Kansas Settler and Civil War Soldier By Lana Wirt Myers

If you enjoy history, this is a valuable look at early Kansas and facts about the Civil War and how it affected citizens and those living in Kansas Territory.  It is from the firsthand perspective of Reuben Smith, an English immigrant arriving in the Kansas Territory in 1857, four years before Kansas became a state.  Reuben led an active life, closely involved in the challenging life of forming a state.  He was a proponent of anti-slavery and volunteered to serve as a Union Soldier during the Civil War of the United States.  The reader can gain invaluable knowledge of the historical settling of a state, war, and an involved citizen who was intrinsically part of the life of early Kansas.

Reuben had a passionate loyalty for Kansas and he remained highly involved being elected to the state legislature, county commissioner, the first director of the psychiatric hospital in Osawatomie.  He was an active presence in his new country, and he became involved in the hot issues.  He took his citizenship as a great responsibility.  Reuben lived at a time of great struggles with Missouri and that general area.  The book added a great deal to my picture of life in the time period.

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