Posted By John David Anderson

Posted By John David Anderson

This story takes place in Branton Middle School.  Four boys, Frost, Bench, Wolf, and Deedee formed a very special, close friendship, which they called their “ tribe.”  Perceived by some as nerds, they were intensely loyal to each other and were willing to do their own thing without trying to interact the way most of the students engaged with each other.

After several years, a new student, Rose, entered the school and everything changed.  Rose, too, was a real individual and walked to her own drum beat.  Her first day, she sat at the lunch table with the “tribe.”  It became a true test to see who would remain friends.  They wrestled with the fact that not everyone can be friends with everyone, and even best friends don’t always last forever.

To complicate everything, the administration banned cell phones at Branton Middle School.  The “tribe” counteracted with a different way of communication – leaving sticky notes for each other on the lockers.  Before long, the entire student body was leaving notes – some kind and positive, some cruel and hurtful.  A sort of “war” took over.

The story is a good example of how words can either create or destroy.  They can ruin what was felt to be unshakeable friendship.

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