A Million Ways Home by Dianna Doris Winget.

A Million Ways Home by Dianna Doris Winget.

This wonderful book is about twelve-year-old Poppy who has lived with her grandmother and guardian since she was one- year-old.  Their lives take a sudden turn when Poppy’s grandmother suffers a stroke and is hospitalized.  Poppy hates the orphanage where she was placed following the stroke.

Poppy’s plans get foiled when she is the only witness to a crime. The police devise a witness protection plan by placing Poppy in the home of Detective Brannigan’s mom, whom Poppy learns to appreciate.  She also develops a strong attachment for Gunner, a beautiful dog with a precarious future.

The book is full of action and the many plans Poppy has going to bring her life back to the normal she loved.  There is danger, upheaval, great friendship, and lots happening in this story of great friendships between humans, dogs/humans, and just a real great book to read.


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