Beneath a Scarlet Sky By Mark Sullivan

Beneath a Scarlet Sky By Mark Sullivan

This is a little known story based on true events in the lives of Italian citizens during the last two years of WWII.

Prior to later events, Pino Lella uses his skill as a skier and very strong person to escort many Jews and other targeted people to escape over the mountains to safety in Switzerland.  There are amazingly close calls and remarkable tales of strength as he leads desperate people to freedom.

In a bizarre sequence of events, Pino, who has no respect for or loyalty to the Nazis, becomes the personal driver for the man in charge of eliminating the Jews of Italy, General Hans Leyers.  Pino witnesses Leyers’ ruthless disregard for the lives of Jews in Italy. He is horrified by what he sees firsthand.

As a teenager, Pino risks his life repeatedly as a spy in his role as a driver for one of the machines of death in the ever-revealing look at WWII in Italy, all the while under the control of Hitler and Mussolini.

For readers of historical Fiction, specifically Second World War fiction fans.

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