New Year New books!

New Year New books!

Welcome to 2019!! This year is full of possibilities and new challenges. For some, we challenge ourselves to read more and different books.

There are many reading challenges out to help you in your quest to become a better read person.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Wichita Public library and Wichita Eagle's #READICT 2019.
  2. Bookish has a weekly reading challenge
  3. Popsugar has a book challenge with an "advanced option" with a printable challenge check list.  (which you can print here at the library)
  4. And Finally Penguin classic challenge, read a classic book a month. 

If you are participating in a reading challenge let us help, you can check out our collection, we can borrow it or we can help you get it digitally on one of our ebook apps.

Reading In Moundridge



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